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Hi there, I was wondering what you think is the best healing class in world of warcraft at the moment, the class that does the highest healing and that is mana efficent, also what in order of most important to least important are the stats it needs? Thanks in advance.

Hello Catherine, I'll try my best at answering your question.

The best Healing class changes a lot but, currently patch 4.3.0 the best healing class is currently a tie between Holy Paladin and Holy Priest, but all healing classes except for Restoration Shaman who are having a bad time recently, are all very good if you know how to play them well. I would not suggest playing Holy Paladin or Holy Priest from level 1 if your starting a new one for best healing simply because, like I said earlier this changes with every single patch because of the nerfs and buffs each class receives.

My suggestion would be to play whatever class you feel comfortable playing the most because a Restoration Shaman who knows what (s)he's doing can easily beat a Holy Paladin who is new to healing. Have fun with whatever class you pick, my personal preference is Restoration Druid.


Sorry I missed a good half of your question in advance the most mana efficient class that heals the most is definitely the Restoration Druid they have instant heals that they can cast repeatedly adding to very high survivability for themselves and for everyone else.

The most important stats go as followed for a Restoration Druid
Intellect > Mastery > Critical > Haste
Intellect: Increases your spell power (making you heal higher) increases your mana regeneration and also increases your mana pool for restoration druid it is easily the most important stat.
Mastery: Changed in 4.2 making it so it increases your output of healing.
Critical: Buffed in 4.2 making it heal an additional 100% instead of the old 50% making it a much more needed stat.
Haste: reduces casting time lowers global cool down and increases ticks of heal over time it's generally accepted you need 916 haste for an additional heal over time tick

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