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There is a list of one time achievements on this game and one of them is buzz the tower. It says to win a hand using the aviator avatar. I cannot figure it out or find out on google or anywhere else. Please, help. Thanks.

Hey Mike!

Let's start this out by saying I've never played this game but from my research on it and your question I believe it's winning a hand using the aviator avatar. Now I'm sure if it was as easy as that you would of found out how to do it and not ask for help however, so I would recommend using multiple avatars, in logical order meaning if one looks like a aviator A.K.A. a pilot then use that avatar.

You should be able to choose your avatar in the profile page.

Sorry for the short answer but this game really doesn't have much information on it heres a link to all achievements if you'd like to take a look at at.

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