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why is it when im playing any first person shooter games it seems i always die from one or two bullets yet when i shoot the enemy it seems like i have to put clip after clip in them to kill them?Now my internet speeds are really fast!could it be because the majority of people have the cheapest and slowest internet therefore lag is the issue? THANK YOU

Hey Glen!

Well they're many answers to this question I'll name the ones that I can think of.

First, It could be they are using guns that do more damage for example in modern Warfare 3, the Barret .50 cal will kill in about 1 shot compared to.... the Five Seven which does barely anything (please note I am comparing two extremes.

Another issue could be your accuracy it doesn't take an expert to realize that if you have a accuracy of 1% you gotta shoot a lot more then people with accuracy of 100% I'd recommend if you find this is the issue using a more accurate gun.

Third, the problem being their Internet speeds might be the issue IF you see them.... jumping around... as in running in a spot and then teleporting somewhere else, this indicates EXTREME lag.

So, in the end my tips would be use a better gun if one is available, be more accurate with your fire and last but not least check the scoreboards to see your Internet connection compared to others.

Please ask anymore questions you have to be answered.

yours Truly Kristian

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