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ok so on my windows computer when i download this certain program it downloads everything fine but when i go to run it it pops up for a second then goes away. it shows its running but wont let me click to install it. its a installer for a game im trying to download. it has always worked for a very long time then suddenly it just wont work. it works for others but not mine. please help anything will help

Hey Tanner,

So it's downloading but not installing correct... it sounds like you probably made a change to your OS so it won't run normally, try running it as an administrator that may fix the problem, a lot of programs won't run properly when you aren't signed in as an admin.
If that doesn't work I'd probably do a system restore as far back as possible without losing anything important, I cannot urge this enough though MAKE A BACKUP in case it breaks you want to have a back up just in case, so those are my recommendations if they don't work please respond to this with a little more detail involving the problem this is all I can gather from the issue from the information you provided me.

Sincerely, Kristian

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