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QUESTION: Ms. Ashmore

Is it true that one couldn't get advertisers for a blog unless it got a million or so views, six figures or a high number?

What about a site or online page that is just an entertaining article or information? Is it the same?


Demetrius Sherman

ANSWER: Dear Mr. Sherman,

You do not need a million+ to get advertisers.  You just have to convince advertisers of why they need to pay to show up on your website - or - webpage.  Most advertisers will not pay to show up on a single page because they want their ad to be shown to visitors multiple times ... which means that you want to make visitors come back to your website over and over ... so the see the ad again & again.  Usually if you have an informational website that gets a lot of natural traffic and repeat traffic then you can convince advertisers to pay for a spot on your website - especially if it is a specific niche ... like a website about Corvettes from 1963-1967 ... it would have a lot of information on it, gather up free videos from Youtube, corvette stories, corvette manuals, etc. then a corvette parts depot may pay for a spot on the website.  Does that make sense?

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QUESTION: Ms. Ashmore:

Thanks. A blog about movies would have movie ads and chocolate blogs chocolate or sweet candy ads? So does this mean, that I should choose what I blog or write about so it will attract certain advertisers?

Someone put a piece I wrote about early black comic books on their site and I see an ad for Ford Motor Company car and not comic book ads. Could you give me an example of what to say, how they might have attracted a car company for AfroPunk? A site for hip, open-minded blacks (and  some whites?)

Dear Mr. Sherman,

This issue is that AfroPunk allows multiple spots for advertisers and that might not be congruent with the article you wrote.  On their website I see a banner ad for Toyota cars and trucks so they may be just using the Google Display Ad Network for Remarketing ... so the ads may be just on stuff you the user has searched for in the past.  Every blog owner has ha choice of what they want to use on their website.  Does that make sense?

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