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My friend has a wi fi connection at home.  Her ps3,cell phone and laptop are all utilized with it.  I don't know crap about wi fi security.  How would she secure it all so that no one can use it?

She will want to setup security with wpa2 (primary shared key) security..this is the best available in a consumer product.

The option is usually available under a wireless security settings heading.

To set it up you will need the wireless router's IP address, and you enter that in a web browser like internet explorer and login to the admin interface to change wireless settings.
(if you don't know how to do this, go to google and search for
manufacturer model manual
For example in a google search box, linksys wrt54g manual would return the user manual for a linksys wrt54g wireless router.

once you've logged into the user interface, the user manual you just googled will tell you how to setup wireless security.

Additionally I've found the link below to help you change the settings from WEP(poor security) to WPA2(better security)..for the WPA2 part, see step 8

This may be too much info or overkill but I figured it is worth mentioning anyway- some routers have the capability to setup a "guest wireless network"- in short, the guest network would create a virtual separate wifi access point-the value in doing this is that she can divide up her devices into "devices she trusts" and "everything else".
"devices she trusts" can contain, for example, all of her computers and other devices, and then when someone wants to connect to her wifi, she can give them the password to the "everything else" access point. Thus, separating her personal pcs from everything else, and reducing the risk of her personal e-stuff from getting stolen or destroyed.

Thanks for asking! Have a great day!

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