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hi, I wanna  connect my own notebook to my work network which use VPN with a username and password to connect to internet via the ISA-Server. I wanna know if it is possible for network administrator to see my chat messages (Yahoo messenger)or not?
thank you very much

The quick answer(which is barely an answer at all) is "it depends."
Since it is your personal notebook, there will likely be less monitoring and security measures enforced on your device, and more on paying attention to what your device is accessing on the work network.

There are really two scenarios here regarding "Traffic"(stuff leaving your device or stuff transferred to your device):

1.Split tunneling enabled-

only access to what you connect to on your work network is monitored. In this case-anything but what you access to do your job is monitored.

2. No Split tunneling-all(or most)  internet and other traffic is routed through the "work network"- in this case, monitoring is possible. Typically even if split tunneling is not enabled, as long as you don't use yahoo chat at work for work IM, it likely won't be monitored and more typically will be blocked alltogether(will prevent connecting to yahoo chat/display a connection blocked notification)

One thing you can do help stop snooping on your chats, is to encrypt your messages. Enabling encryption scrambles your messages so they are difficult for anyone to read while they travel across the internet.

I googled and found you a link on how to encrypt yahoo messenger traffic. Check it out!

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