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I rented a room in my home to a guy that became a stalker and I had to force evict. I have network magic and see he is still logging on to my home network. I know very little about computers and don't know how to change the router password or anything else to protect my privacy or others in the house who use the network.

He was very computer savvy, it is possible there is also something on my phone as it suddenly began shutting off on its own, settings keep changing and the battery runs down quickly. Its fairly new samsung galaxy 4 and he told me once of a program he used to listen in on cell calls with.

How can I change my password for my network and is there any way to check the phone? Its a Verizon and when I've had problems in the past with their phones found better info online than at the service centers so doubt they would know how to locate it and I would like to be confident nothing is on it if I'm told that.

Thanks for any help.

Hi. So what you would want to do with the router is perform a factory reset. On the back of the router should be a small reset button. Hold down that button for about 60 seconds. Keep holding it down after 60 seconds unplug the router while holding it down and plug it back in, keep holding it down for another 30 seconds. This will fully reset the router to factory settings, then you can change the password and start fresh.

For the phone, perform a factory reset on it to be safe. Here is a little step by step for that:

Please let me know if this helps!


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