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Which of these two is stronger encryption software: Symantec's PGP WDE or Winmagic's Securedoc Standalone version for Mac?
Are there any other types of FDE software that you would recommend that are as secure as PGP WDE?

FDE and WDE don't seem relevant since each refers to a use for encryption.  ("Full" and "Whole" "Disk Encryption").   I gather Symantec is using PGP in its product.  PGP was invented by Phil Zimmerman.  It stand for Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).  I trust PGP and OpenPGP.  

How carefully an encryption method is implemented and how well it's packaged are separate concerns from the value of the encryption method.  You can hose any attempt to encrypt if the algorithm isn't properly constructed and its integrity isn't maintained at points of the packaging's life cycle.

The encryption algorithm and the implementation and what's most important.  (This assumes all other aspects are equal, such as storing the keys and protecting the store).   PGP/OpenPGP/GPG offers a few different algorithms.  

You mentioned a Mac.  Here's a paper that may interest you:  You may also wish to explore this website:

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