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I use a Toshiba laptop about 2 yrs old and I have windows 7 Home premium 32-bit. My security software is the AVG Free Addition. I also connect to the Internet via a Verizon JetPack. My computer is the only device that is connected to it, and I use it mostly at home. Can you give me some pointers as to how I can make it Secure?


First of all, sorry for the long delay.

Actually the procedures are well-know and simple from the point of view of what do. Keep things updated (AV, the Operating System) are required as well as being careful when accessing external websites (don't download strange content or install from unknown sources).

Here you can find some good options:

Also, it is important to:

- Use the latest updated browsers. Latest updated browsers contains security and privacy improvements, such as Smart screen filters and they have feature of Private browsing , which can help in protecting your computer. So you can browse the web with more confidence.

- There is possible of virus entering into your computer through USB devices . Block the auto run feature of USB and scan the USB drive fully as soon as you connect it to the computer.

I recommend to use Google Chrome and install some secure apps from the store. Just look for security and you will find a range of great things.

Keeps your password relatively complex too! Besides, I use an app called LastPass that stores some of my password in the cloud. To use it, you need a Master Password.

Do not let your own laptop/PC without a password for the use of others...

Hope it helps.

This is a little outside of my expertise.

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