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hey there i hope u can reply as soon possible,i just realise today i was hack when i check my broadband quota for the month it was shocking i had 0% left on my off peak 15gb quota..well iv use 8 gb of it,and that leave's like 6 gb left....and now its 0%,im so so angry and very the only person that connects to my type:WPA2-Personal.Encryption type:AES...iv plan to download many things with the 6 gb left..if its my neighbour i swear to sneak inside their house and smothered them in their sleep,what do i do now to prevent this??my quota refresh in 20 days..and i dont want it to be leech by some asshole.

If your device is running WPA2 with AES and it was set up correctly your neighbor didn't get into it unless they already owned your network.

To prevent someone from using your Wifi run WPA2 with AES and make sure the device doesn't have a known vulnerability.  If it has a patch available, assume it has a vulnerability unless you've installed the patch (or the upgrade).

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