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ok,so recently i ask u about if my wifi network were hack and so..well i open up my task manager,and then i knew it,no one hack my wifi,its this stupid thing call service host:local system,it drains my internet each second!..(im using window 8) i google it and quite a number of w8 user complain this and they unninstall window8 and use w7..but this is not my pc so i cant do how do i stop it from ever running again???

I guess you mean that you can't uninstall W8 and install W7 since you don't own the machine.  If it were me, I'd grab a recent live CD/DVD/USB from Debian, Fedora, Centos, Ubuntu, Knoppix, or Mint Linux and run from the CD, DVD or USB I grabbed.

One or several of these should be just as easy to use.

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