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What are some mechanisms to detecting intrusion? How could this relate to securing your identity on cyberspace?

Hi, Lilly. Sorry for the long delay.

How to detect intrusion?

The thing here is to use IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems). Depending on the nature of using (home or corporate), IDS can be either a program or an equipment or both.
There are some appliances (hardware + software) very expensive and other free tools.

I suggest you to read this:

Basically IDS monitors the network during a time specified or configured and alerts when something suspicious occurs.
Read also about honeypots:

Well, I would relate this to securing identity, becase detecting intrusion is a way to defend yourself from being hacked or having your information stolen.
However, in the cyberworld unauthorized activity is much more difficult to detect than in the physical world, because computer systems often offer around-the-clock service. An unauthorized building entry at 2 a.m. would set off alarms, but computer network activity at the same hour may be innocuous.

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