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What are some ways to secure things such as your identity on your banking accounts/records on the Internet?

Unfortunately, there is no way  surefire for you, as a consumer to secure your identity, other than to not use online services, or to use an alternate "persona", which of course won't work in your case when you are talking about finances.

The onus is actually on the companies you use for your finances to secure all of the information of its' customers, especially the sensitive information such as social security numbers, tax ID numbers, Date of Birth, etc.

As consumers we can't do much to stop the bad guys from getting our info, so you may wonder, what we can do then?
Fortunately, some enterprising individuals saw this a potential space to grow their businesses and have created products and services to help monitor the use of our identities and namely our credit.
You may want to check out some of them. The article below reviews some of the identity theft providers, but the internet is a BIG place so feel free to do some research of your own to find the best fit in your price range.

Also, some antivirus providers, like Avast, are integrating some identity protection services with their virus scanning suites.  

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