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QUESTION: What is the best way to get rid of the Win32.zbot virus. I tried running Spybot Search and Destroy. It did detect it but won't let me "Fix" it.
Would appreciate any help you have to offer.

ANSWER: Good question.

I suggest you to:

- run the tool in safe mode
- Update you antivirus after restart and run a complete test.
- when running it, please do not connect over the internet.

You can also try this one:

Tell me if it works

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QUESTION: I have tried the avg one but not in safe mode. Didn't work.

ANSWER: Try avast in this case.
Don't use any USB for a while. Maybe you're being reinfected.
This one was one of the best procedures I've seen to delete it:


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QUESTION: I managed to delete it in Safemode but have now noticed that in "My Computer" everything was missing. I discovered this when I went to use my DVD drive and it didnt work. I found online how to recover the DVD and that worked but it is now the only thing showing there.
I know I am missing other things but not sure what they are or how to recover them. I believe my hard drive should be showing there as well. Is this correct?

Hi, Karen.
You mean that your personal files are messing?
Even if you enter by another way (C:\users\your_user_name\Documents and Settings\Desktop or so)?
If you, you can use a tool to recover your files. I also suggest you to wipe it out. Format and install a new Operating System.
Maybe the virus caused this trouble for you.

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