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hi john, thanks in advance, I am only 1 yr into internet & computers, 60 yrs old, I have a laptop MCI with windows 7 starter and the teenage girl across the street has made 2 network accts on my wireless comp, they brag about not paying for airtime, how can I remove them from my computer. When I bring up connections, there is her name and someone else's as wireless connection 2, sure need help.

Sandy -

The best way to do this is #1, change the default password of your wireless router; this is the biggest problem.

What I would suggest is, reset the wireless router to default; immediately change the administrative password, then set your wireless network back up again.  make sure you are using some form of wireless security (WPA2 would be recommended as the most secure), and choose a wireless password that would be hard to guess at.

If this is outside your area of expertise, I'd recommend finding either a person or company that could do this for you.

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