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I have a Cisco Linksys E1200. Last month, I reset my computer to the original factory setting. Just now, I re installed my router. In the Cisco Connect menu, it shows that there are two devices connected to the router. But I only have one? I might be a bit paranoid does that mean someone is hacking my network?

Your best bet here is to change the security keys of your router.
If you google the name of your router plus the words "user manual", you should be able to find the section on how to do that exactly-it varies from router to router
(Google Linksys E1200 user manual)
As an additional step you can implement mac filtering which will allow only the devices you approve to connect to your network.
Each device has a unique identifier called a MAC address..kinda analogous to a Social Security number for a US Citizen. You can Tell your router "deny all connections except from these MAC addresses" to aide in reducing the chance that someone  can steal your internet/access your wireless network.

Again, the user manual should help you do this.

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