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what is difference between FTP and UDP and which one the better ?

Hello Yousef -

I think you're confusing your names here.  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it's used to transfer files from one place to another across networks or the internet.

UDP is user datagram protocol, it is a protocol on the internet that is used for streaming data that has no guarantee of delivery;  meaning the data is sent out, but there is no check or confirmation it's delivered.  Generally it's used for things like DNS queries, Streaming data like online radio stations, etc. one of the biggest uses also is for Voice over IP (VoIP) data, which explains why sometimes VoIP calls stutter or don't deliver properly, or become corrupted at times.

For the comparison, I THINK you meant to ask about what's the difference between TCP and UDP?

TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol, is the exact opposite of UDP.  It has a mechanism in place that will confirm that the data is received, and is used in most applications on networks and the internet.  For example, FTP uses TCP.  After sending a number of packets over TCP, the receiving end will then send back a response saying it's received the data in packets 1, 2, 3, but didn't get 4, and asks that packet to be resent, etc.

for review:

UDP is transmitted, no checks are in place to confirm delivery, data is sent with no guarantee.
TCP is transmitted, and checks are in place to confirm that all packets are received with the correct checksums, and that all data arrives intact.

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