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* Security for wired and wireless connections is number 1 priority.
* Download speeds and reliable is very important.

Which modem/router would you recommend for these situations?

1. Online banking

2. Online gaming = 4-5 hours straight

3. Downloading files, surfing the net, downloading updates and software files from sites

There are a couple of routers I am looking at but don't know which to buy.

1. Billion 7800NXL = $149
2. TP-Link TD W8980 = $108
3. ASUS RT N66U = $227

Thank you.
My ISP is TPG Australia

The best recommendation I would give, is to find a home router that is capable of running DD-WRT.  This is a linux-based firmware that can run on many home router models, and replaces the stock firmware with one that is MUCH more secure, has a lot more features, and has much better security.

you can find the details, installation instructions, and which models support it here:

I looked up the 3 models you posted, and the Asus RT N66u is supported by dd-wrt.

Personally I use a Netgear WNDR3300 running DD-WRT for my personal home network.

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