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I was using GData TotalProtection. I never had any problems before, but over the weekend I received two messages from GData that said: "your computer has been scanned for open ports" along with the IP address of attacker and the network it was trying to scan which was my internet connection port.

I goggled and searched for port scanning and found that this is a frequent attack in which I totally understand, I paid for a premium security which was suppose to block or stop the attacker from attempting to scan my ports.

I'm not 100% sure if they succeeded in scanning my ports, but I think the firewall failed to stop them because the message said "your computer has been scanned for open ports".

Anyway my internet connection seems to be ok, the download speed, IP address and DNS servers all seems to be unchanged. I scanned my pc using 3 different products (emsisoft antimalware, malware bytes anti-malware and GData, and nothing was detected. I also tried this website:

All my ports seem to be in true stealth.

Also note the modem/router I am using has NAT firewall.

Question: Is there a sure way to tell if the attackers succeeded in getting through my NAT firewall router and Gdata firewall?

Furthermore Malware bytes anti-malware detected another attempt, but this time it clearly says blocked.

The answer you got said your computer was 'scanned' but it sounds like nothing got through.  your follow-up checks sound adequate, so at this point I wouldn't worry about anything.  This type of scan is normal for script-kiddies looking for open ports, and as your system is behind a NAT device, this helps obscure you better.

the message you got was just an alert saying it happened that you got scanned, so I would not worry about it, but staying alert and aware is always good.

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