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I recently discover a list of all my recent gmail accounts and passwords at my ex's home.  I changed passwords a couple months ago.  I checked my email accounts and there is no forwarding information in the settings.  How can this happen?  Is there a spyware program I should look for? I'm a professional and have been dealing with computers for almost 20 years now.  I even have the extended gmail protection where a code is sent to my phone inorder to change or acess my gmail accounts.  ???????  Please tell me what to do and or look for.  Thank you

George -

there is the possibility you have spyware or a keylogger on your system.  I would recommend to run a full scan of your system using a program like 'ad-aware' that will scan for things that AV's don't catch.

I would also suggest turning google/gmail alerting that makes sure that any access is only on computers you access (looks like you've already done this).

rotating your passwords regularly is a good idea for general security as well.

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