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Is the following websites safe to used?

Sorry for the delayed response, I have been working pretty much around the clock lately. However, I will now attempt to guide  you in the right direction in regards to your question. First of all let me be clear, I am not going to visit the URLs you posted and tell you whether or not they are safe. I can however recommend that you install and use an anti-virus program, and then either use Google Chrome or Firefox with addons and extensions that will increase your safety when browsing questionable sites. Ad-block, no script, and others exist just for this purpose. Furthermore, do not allow any site to automatically download anything to your computer, and if something does pop up to be downloaded, I most definitely would ignore it. These are just a couple of precautions that should be used when visiting sites that are questionable in nature. Ideally you would use a separate machine that does not have anything important on it.

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