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Hello, I have a quick question about my Wifi Internet signal.

I recently finally bought an HDTV for my bedroom with an HDMI part on it. One of the first things I did with it was attach it to my computer so I could turn my TV into a bigger monitor for my PC.

Unfortunately, my Wifi strength is very low on it (2-3 bars out of 5) and I believe it is the reason that I'm not able to stream any videos. The computer is a notebook and it works fine if I were to have it on my lap and do work on it in my bedroom or anywhere else. For some reason, being beside my new TV is kroptonite to the strength of the signal. I tried changing rooms and the wifi strength is much stronger there (almost always full strength)

The modem has to stay where it is because I don't have a phone line in my bedroom. If you have any suggestions on what I can do, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks, :)

Hey Josh -

One thing you could do that would probably help is to add a 2nd wifi router to your home, and create a 'bridge' between them to boost the signal to your bedroom from your main wifi router.

It's possible that your getting EMI between them from metal in the walls or just signal issues from another house/apt/etc.  You could also try changing the channel # on your wifi to see if that helps any as well.

3rd option would be to get something like these:

that uses your house's electrical wiring to get ethernet to places where you can't run cable, and then plug another wifi router into that.

Hopefully one of these will help.

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