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2 days ago I got my laptop stolen when I was on vacation. Ive reported the police and so, they say they will work on trying to find it.

The problem here is, not to get back my computer, but there are some data in it, very sensitive about me, I am so afraid that it will leak the internet! (I know this is very embarrassing)

Windows is password protected but the thieve could bypass it easily.

The police said not to worry because he would format the hd and try to sell the laptop.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? How could I take it off the net if it happens? What can I do to protect myself?


unfortunately there may not be much that can be done.  Going forward, I would recommend installing some kind of tracking program.  These programs can freeze the drive and prevent anything being done to it, can remotely format the drive.

There are also encryption programs that would prevent any access to the data on it as well.

As for anything being posted to the net.... the general rule is 'something posted on the internet will stay on the internet forever'.  You can issue take-down notices to websites to get it removed, but it could be saved to 20 other sites by that point.

unfortunately there may not be more you can do now, but I would recommend using the recommendations above (remote tracking, encryption, etc) to prevent this in the future.

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