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Hi John,

I am in a network that screens web use at given times and would like to get around the firewalls sometimes. (We use "WebSense", if that is useful to know.) I asked someone who left who claims to have done that, and received the following answer which I cant quite decipher. I used to hear that once you access google (or gMail?) it's easier to get in the web at times when it's closed.
(Station 5 to which he refers may just be the computer he used before he left; I don't think there's anything special about it, though there might be.)

Could you suggest some approach to the "problem"?

         What I was told follows:

"Okay, you have to be on the machine in Station No. 5.
Am not sure if it will work anywhere else.

"Then you have to know how to hack the system.
This is very tricky, as there are so many firewalls,
blockers, and so on and so forth. Actually, I can ride in
on the line open by another user, who is generally
watching movies. But once on line--you can get what
you want.

"Handy, as often a machine is tied up by
another user, and so on. So time is limited. I like to
use the after V. time, as that comes first.
Actually, supper for most. Then quiet time for letters,
and what have you.

Go figure!"

Firewalls exist to protect data, networks and those who access them.  Circumventing a firewall can diminish it's value and doing so is a bad idea for someone who doesn't understand the potential impact.  In some cases it may be a crime.  There are legitimate reasons for doing this and most companies expect a network admin to assist when it needs to be done.  Try contacting your network admin.


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