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Can you help me fix why my laptop shut down on me everyday? Should I get it fixed.

If it is actually shutting down on you (power goes off completely), then it is likely due to a hardware problem. My initial thought would be it is due to a problem with overheating, so it could be that your fans are not working, or you are placing the laptop in a location with inadequate ventilation. However, if it is going into hibernate or sleep mode on you, and you do not want this to occur, then it is a setting in Windows under the power settings location in the control panel. If this is the problem, you can open the control panel, then power settings, and disable sleep/hibernate. You will be able to tell the difference in the two by pushing space bar when it turns off. If it comes back on then it is a sleep/hibernate problem. If it does not, then it is likely hardware. You can also press the power button, and if the PC goes straight to Windows instead of flashing the BIOS screen first, then it is sleeping.

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