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After receiving a note from Bitdefender AV program that They found 2 Trojan in my pc and took care of it, I found out that my Inbox folder in Mozilla Thundirbird email program was left without all the bodies of the messages.  Only the subject and name of the person were left.  I did scan again with Bitdefender and Malware bite and SuperAntiSpyware.  No more traces.  I also emailed Bitdefender and waiting for their answer.  I am very careful in computing lifeas I work from home.  Is there any way to retrieve the emails in the Inbox ( all other folders are fine) ?  Any more suggestions please?  

Thank you Gabe

ANSWER: Hi, Gabriel.
Yes, there a few options.
You may use some tools that are designed to recover data.
It takes time and sometimes, depending on the way data was deleted, you can get corrupted results.

- Recuva
- Stellar Phoenix
- Recover my files
- Easus (this one I didn't try but seems good).

If you can't buy for these tools, then you can try through torrents. I already did that sucessfully, but be careful with eventual viruses. The ones with more rating are usually safe.

For Thunderbird email data to backup or recover, find your profile, and open the MAIL folder. In it you will see things like Inbox and Inbox.msf, sent and sent.msf on so on. The files without the .msf extension are the actual email files. The ones with the .msf extension are 'summary' files for how they messages are displayed.
Hope it helps.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again

Thank you so much for such a good answer.  Last one, please.

How exactly step by step, can I reach my profile in Thunderbird and get into the MAIL filder and than how to restore it?

Thanks agin,   Gabe

Hi, Gabe.
Not a problem.

There is no specific answer in terms of recovering.
Depending on the tool you choose, the steps for recovering are different.

After the process comples, you will have to find the mail extension related to Thunderbird and then import to it or put the file in the right folder.

Guess this one will not work, but you can give it a try:
I can't give you specific answer to find out your email. Each program does it differently.

To find your profile, please follow the instruction described here:

It will guide you depending on your OS.

Hope it helps. Let me know when you do it.

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