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QUESTION: I don't know if you can help but my question is:
can an IP address be sold to other countries......that's what I've been told by another expert
I recently have been getting these emails from this guy that I know for a fact lives in the USA but when I went to an IP tracker website and put in the full email header, it came up Nigeria
I should have known I was being conned since he would start sentences with "Am" instead of "I"....people that I talked to about the "am/I" thing said that people would write that way if they were too busy.

ANSWER: Hi Jeff,

All IP addresses are leased out by ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)) to various ISP's (Internet Service Provider, like COX). These IP addresses are then used by the ISP customers in order to actually get internet service.

In terms of IP addresses being sold to other countries, technically yes, they are not "sold" just leased. This is why someone in Canada can have a US IP addresses, and this is also why someone can use a proxy to appear to be in another country when they may just be next door.

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: its just that this person I know really does live in the US like I said but sending the full email header on one of the IP tracker websites shows as originating from Nigeria
Just wanted to make sure the "Nigerian" wasn't just using his name by pretending to be him

Hi Jeff,

If that person really lives in the USA and the tracker website says the IP comes back as being in Nigeria, then it is most probable that the person in Nigeria is pretending to be that US person.

I would recommend just deleting the email, not engaging with the Nigerian, and just let it go.
However if you have been conned, then keep the email and report being scammed here (which goes to the FBI):

Then you just got to trust the FBI to do their job and they will contact you if they needed anything. Honestly though because the crime is outside FBI jurisdiction and Nigeria is internet fraud capital of the world, I very much doubt much can be done.

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