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Hello. How are you? Over the last couple of days, a person on Twitter has been creating numerous accounts to attack and harass me and several of my close friends. Let me explain:

Addresses and pictures of homes/neighborhoods have been posted, private images were photoshopped into porn images, phone numbers, names etc.

Is it possible to get an IP Address in order to confirm my suspicions that it is indeed the same person? The writing style is the same as well.

Twitter has NOT helped in the slightest. We have reported and nothing takes place. Thank you very much.

Hi Susan,

First of all sorry to hear you're being harassed, it can be distressing.

I or you would be unable to get an IP address or information that would be helpful to catch the responsible person. Since you say Twitter has not been helpful, your only realistic option is to contact a lawyer. When you get a lawyer, then Twitter will pay attention and start taking down the images and private pictures etc, as well as shutting down the offending IP addresses.

The lawyer will also contact law enforcement (you might have to ask the lawyer to do this) and see about getting charges filed again the responsible person(s).

To the best of my knowledge, in the USA, the victim can claim for torts of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment, and public disclosure of private facts. However laws do vary widely from state to state. There are also several federal cyber-stalking laws, however none come to mind at the moment.

This might help you as well to read and determine what laws you could use pursue the other party:

You might be able to get some info taken down by filing a copy-write claim (DMCA). I have had success in getting online content removed using this process, which is free its just time consuming. This will work for taking down most if not all of the pictures, private information etc.

Cases like this with a lawyer can be expensive, so its up to you to how you wish to go ahead.

Good luck!  

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