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Hi!  I have had a lot of horrible trolls on twitter. They are mean and nasty and say they can hack my account and find me by my ip. Now, I know that my ip can't be had unless I click on a link they send or something like that. What else can they do to get into my account. They don't know my real name or email address and my password is very, very  long and random.  Is there any way to protect against these jerks?  Thanks in advance!

Your best bet is using a very long password -- not a phrase from English.  Use upper/lower/numeric/non-alpha characters and use a string about 25 characters long.  I think of attacks using Cain and Able (os similar) to crack it.  But a 25 character password using A-Z, a-Z, 0-9, characters gives you 62 to the 25th power, possible combinations.  Adding these: !, ~, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), -, _, +, = to the possible characters change it to 25^76 combinations.   Try something mixed from English and another language, plus puncuation.
- john

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