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Wanted to know where to start in learning Information Technology as a whole. Plan is to hopefully end up in Cyber security as a career but recognize I need a strong base in other things IT. (college junior management information systems, possible cyber security minor)

In my opinion no cyber education is worth the paper its printed on unless the coursework includes Assembler.

This is where you learn best, things like what a buffer overflow is and how to prevent them.  Then realize that higher level languages can introduce such vulnerabilities unintentionally, which means such tools need to  be vetted line by line if they;'re to be trusted.  You'll learn how to protect your interrupt routines, too.  Once you've got something that does a bit more than echoing input characters to a screen, start powering the machine being tested (Unit Under Test; aka UUT) by running it with dirty power.  You can use a signal generator and a relay to switch power on and off very fast.  When you do this, you'll find out how that machine runs with power spikes and dropouts.  

This is a simplistic approach considering all the tests you can actually run. The documents I'd use for choosing tests come from RTCA, Inc.: the current version of RTCA/DO-160 and RTCA/DO-178C.
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