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How do I identify malware and remove it and what total internet antivirus software would you recommend for home PC'S.

Hey Robert,

To identify and remove malware, I suggest the following applications and to use all of them.

1) Spybot Search & Destroy available at
2) MalwareBytes available at

Install both, run scans.

For antivirus:

1) Upgrade to Windows 10 and use the built in Windows Defender application which is free.

I also highly suggest purchasing CUJO for $49 which will protect you against hackers and more available at


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I will help you through removing malware from your systems, steps and what further precautions you need to take. I will also help you in identifying malware, and getting it submitted to security vendors for further blocking. What I wont tell you is how to create a virus. I will also help you in how to secure your network, and what steps you can take in Internet Security. All I ask is when I answer your question, to please rate the answer.


I actively submit malware samples to security vendors, to help create new malware and antivirus definition updates, changes, and the like. I am very familiar with malware, and how to stop it. IMPORTANT: IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO FIX THE ISSUE REMOTELY FOR YOU, I DO CHARGE A FEE OF $45.00 / hour via Paypal.

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