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I would like to use Facebook.  From what I understand, you have to provide your accurate name information.  I do not want to do this.  I feel that it would subject me to contact and exposure that I do not want to have.  I want to get on Facebook for business reasons, not for any need to personally communicate with anyone. (the phone is fine for that).

I understand that you can have a username on your personal account.  I was wondering if that username can be some name that is not your own name.  I would also like to know if you use the username, is your actual name thereafter not available to others for search purposes or google purposes.

Finally, if you know, is the name of the personal account publicly associated with the business account in some way?  Meaning, if I want to promote my business facebook page do I have to promote my personal information, as well.

Thank you for the service you provide.

Hello, yes you are required to use your real name when signing up for a FaceBook account.  

The username is only so that people can easily access you when typing in a web address.  So for example, my username on FB is bryan.bowers which allows people to access me like this:

Your actual name is available and can be searched on by people.  You can set some of the privacy setting to make your personal name hard to find, but I wouldn't count on that completely as FB often changes privacy settings.

Your business account is tied to your personal account.  In other words, you have to have a personal account to create a business account.  I am not aware that the link is public information but I would not count on that to be the case.


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