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QUESTION: Is there a program or a way out there that can filter internet content (images especially) but is not a parental control i.e no password required.

I do not have a habit watching pornography or offensive images but there are alot of websites and images, including ads which automatically shows when you enter a website. Sometimes they are accidental but it can have a effect on me being a young man.

There is no point having program with password because I am the only user on the computer. I dont have a girlfriend so accountability programm doesnt really work. I prefer a third party program or website that filters the content or a server warning me if I am looking at provocative content.

I have tried Opendns, K9 and tracking protection on IE9. Thanks

ANSWER: This is a great question.  I would recommend iBoss Home (  You can set the categories of blocking you want once.  After that, all questionable content will automatically be filtered and not shown to you as you navigate around the Internet.

This is the product I use for our family and it works very well.

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QUESTION: Thanks. It seems like a good product. I am however looking for a software based or DNS based product (unless it's usb powered) since i have a laptop. It would also be good if it doesnt include a subscription. Maybe a product that is similar in feature to Iboss but not hardware and subscription based. Cheers

Thanks for the followup question.  The problem is that the good solutions (those that have an up to date, comprehensive database) all use a subscription model for pricing.  I am not aware of any free or one time purchase products that will do what you are looking for.  Sorry about that.

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