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 There were a group of people who went to the local libraries in
 the area where I live.

 This group of people were able to track persons while they were

 using the computers at the library. Following them online.

 I saw one of thier screens..... the screen showed a box, with

 two lines inside the box.

 One person would type and then the person next to them would

 type after them. It seemed like that these people were on thier


 Some of the people who used to go to the library were afraid

 and didn't come back.

 What kind of program would these people be using to watch other

 people ?

         Thank you for your help

Good Morning Ms. Kasten and Happy Easter/Passover.

I apologize this will be a short answer, but the details provided in your question is too limited to advise correctly. Other than writing "screen showed a box, with two lines inside the box", it is all you have provided. As there are many types of tracking, monitoring and surveillance technologies, there is no way to know, which or if, what you saw was a surveillance type technology, program or online program.

If you know the people who became afraid and didn't come back to the library, I would visit the library, as a group and speak with a librarian. By going with someone other than yourself, you will increase your chances that the library would investigate further. Assuming what you saw was a form of surveillance technology, and even if they deleted their history once finished, the libraries computer network/server would still have that information.

The key is to approach the staff with at least one other person who will confirm witnessing the odd behavior. Reporting your observations is vital to all library patrons and the community. No one should be afraid to visit their public library and you doing a little investigation and makes you a community activist. There needs to be more folks like you who care about their fellow citizens.

Feel free to visit our internet safety and cyber criminal profiling website to review or download, at no cost, all the information provided. There is no sign up, joining or personal information required to download or print our internet safety information. Good luck and take this to the next level by speaking with the library. If you do speak with the library, I would be interested to hear what happened.

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