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Hello! I recently bought a new Lenovo laptop and discovered that Youtube videos, ads, etc (almost anything that "moves") don't play properly. Instead of showing the image, it shows a blur of colors, but the sound play along with the video fine. Also, movies play well. I have double checked that I have the latest adobe update. I was wondering if it had anything to do with installing the graphics card, and if yes, how do I do it? Thank you for your time!

Hi Miguel

I suspect the Lenovo laptop may not have current drivers for the video format used by YouTube. You can very likely resolve this by downloading and installing the necessary drivers. Alternately, you could install a video player software, such as the free VLC player, and that will come bundled with a whole bunch of video drivers. This may be your simplest route. You can search for it on sites like The drivers are not specific to the VLC software, and will assist in properly playing YouTube videos as well.


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