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I would like to do what u describe under your experience. tired of paying expensive time warner cable bill.  feels like I am paying them to watch commercials. I live in manhattan nyc, 10025
on the 14th, top floor of a large apt. complex.
how can I eliminate cable bills, and get decent low cost internet
content.  if possible I would like to also get network channels with a tv antenna or whatever else u might suggest.

Hi Deborah

Congratulations on making the leap towards cutting the cord. I've been cable free for over three years now, and can't imagine going back. It's just such an outdated delivery model for content.

You absolutely can get network TV, especially in manhatten, with just a simple HDTV antenna. These range in price anywhere from $25 to $100. If you live in an area with a lot of obstructions, such as other buildings blocking your line of sight, I would suggest getting an amplified antenna. This is one that plugs in, but it provides a serious boost to the signals it picks up. These are on the higher end of the price scale, but you'll get a lot more channels from it, and you can find these starting at around $50. If you can't find one in a local store, check with or Ebay.

Other than that, my lineup includes five main components:
1. Netflix ($8/month) - This is my good old standby for entertainment. It has both movies and TV shows, but it's really starting to emphasize more TV. Most of the shows are not current season, but I'm okay with that. An added bonus is that they are starting to venture into original programming, and all of their series so far (House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Orange is the New Black) have all been excellent!

2. Hulu ($8/month) - Great source for NBC, ABC and Fox network shows. Usually shows new programs the day after they air live. Does NOT include anything from CBS. Also has some classic TV shows and older movies as well.

3. iTunes - This is my primary source for any current shows that Hulu does not carry (such as CBS offerings). I purchase entire seasons of The Amazing Race and Criminal Minds, plus some programs from other cable networks, such as Breaking Bad (AMC) and Homeland (Showtime). Prices vary by network, but most shows run about $20 for a full season of episodes, and they are commercial free. Well worth the price!

4. Amazon Prime ($80/year) - I get this for certain programming that is not available anywhere else (HGTV, Food Network), but it has an added bonus of providing free shipping through Amazon for any orders over $25. For me, this pays for itself due to the saved shipping costs.

5. Internet-connected PC - This is also a great option, and it doesn't cost anything if you don't consider the price of your internet connection to be a direct TV expense. I have a TV that has a PC monitor port, and so I just hook my PC directly into the TV, and just about every cable and broadcast network has some content available for streaming from their own website. I just go into full-screen mode and enjoy!

With all of these individual fees, it may sound like it really adds up, but when you do the dollar for dollar comparison, I am spending about $400 a year on video content now, versus about $1200 a year with cable. Besides that, I feel like the quality of my viewing has increased tremendously, because now, instead of just mindlessly channel surfing, I know that anything I watch is because I have actively sought out high quality programming.

I hope that helps.

If you have more questions, please feel free to follow up.


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I can answer questions on most types of legal video streaming options, such as Netflix, Roku, Internet-enabled TVs, Hulu, etc. Out of respect for copyright holders, I will not answer questions regarding BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer sharing, where content creators are deprived of their due royalties. I can only answer questions from the viewpoint of a consumer of video services. I have been getting a lot of questions from the standpoint of someone wishing to create content. THIS IS OUTSIDE MY EXPERTISE. My expertise is also limited to knowledge of streaming services and the content available on them, how to subscribe to them, etc. I CANNOT assist with hardware configuration questions.


I have been a cord cutter for over 5 years. My current setup includes a Roku HD box, a PC attached to my computer and surround sound system, and subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu Plus. I dropped Cox Communications as my cable TV provider and am saving over $100 a month.

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