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QUESTION: Hello!    I am past my DirectTV contract and am considering alternatives. I could go back to Dish and probably get another introductory offer. I like that they rate movies. I like to channel surf. And I've come to realize that even know I don't watch enough content to make the cost truly worthwhile, having the choice to peruse and blow it off is still worth something. But if I could just get Turner Classic Movies, the Science channel, Discover and Fox News, I could combine that with the 125 channels I've got tuned in free here in LA over the air (I need a better antenna to bring in CBS it seems). I have read your recent replies. Would this Roku you mention be of help?


First, let me apologize for the long delay in responding. I was called away on a family emergency for the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, streaming solutions don't really operate on a channel by channel basis the way you're used to with cable or satellite. Those are all based on a linear delivery model. That is, they deliver regular programming on a predictable schedule. They air the same shows on the same days and times, week after week. Streaming is more like a video on demand system, where programs are delivered when you want them and through the device of your choice.

As such, when you get your video through a Roku, it's not analogous to simply subscribing to cable channels ala carte, such as you describe. Instead, you subscribe to content providers and then watch shows on demand. Some of these content providers may have the programs you are looking for, but it's not like watching a channel, where it plays one show after another continuously.

That said, Roku may not be ideal for what you're looking for. The bad news is that there are no other alternatives that would give you this option either.

I hope that helps.


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QUESTION: Would it be possible to select shows like Fox News' Red-Eye, Discover's Mythbusters, Sciences' How It Works, and Robert Osborn's commentary with movies on TCM from a list---after they've run?  Also, is there a minimum internet speed for Roku( I can view shows now on Hulu).

Answer is a great resource for searching all available online outlets for specific shows by title. You'll find a lot of your favorites are available online somewhere, either Hulu, Netflix or iTunes.

I would recommend no less than 5 MBps internet speed for any streaming video service.


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