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Hi Tedd,

I watch a lot of Netflix streaming movies in my living room TV. Sometimes the movie will stop playing and I get a message on the TV screen “check you internet connection”.  OK, so I know that streaming movies come into my TV via a high speed internet connection, a router that can handle that much content, and a device that receives the router wifi output and converts it into something my TV will recognize as a movie.

For a lot of months this has been happening just fine, but not lately.

Let me ask you.....Does streaming video need a greater internet signal strength than my personal computer (PC)?  I would suppose so, because I can still get “on line” with my PC, but at the same time my streaming movies are not working out in the living room TV.

The only devices that I have that are involved in this particular matter are the ethernet cable plugged into the socket in the wall bring the internet to my router, the other ethernet cable bringing the internet from the router to my PC, the Roku out in the living room right there by my TV, and the TV.

My ethernet plug in the wall is in the room along with the PC, and the router.  Just one studded/dry wall finished wall is in between my Roku/TV and my router.  I just bought this router yesterday.  It says it is powerful enough to handle streaming video (in plain english).  I bought it because I thought the router I had  was failing and causing my streaming movies to interrupt.

But now, I am still getting movie interruptions with this new router.  I do not have a device which I can check the wifi strength out in the living room with me.

Does all this sound like my internet signal strength  is too low? Or too slow?

What can I do to keep my streaming movies from stopping on me?

The trouble intermittent.

I live in Michigan, and the ISP is Charter.

Thanks, Jim

Hi Jim

I have been experiencing exactly the same thing, and I hear from others who are as well. Streaming is my only means of video entertainment, so I  also have a router that is designed to handle this heavy load. And yes, the router does make a big difference, but it sounds like you've taken care of that part.

A good router should provide sufficient signal strength unless you are in a distant room of the house, have lots of walls between your Roku and the router, or if it's an old house made with dense building materials (such as plaster or concrete). Barring all that, you should have decent signal strength. Speed is the other main issue. You can test yours at, and you should be at no less than 5MBps. If you're under this, that could be your culprit and I suggest you upgrade your speed with Charter.

But really, I suspect this is a Netflix issue. Netflix has been growing in popularity and this is especially true for its streaming offering. This puts a tremendous strain on its network infrastructure and although it's giving you a message that there's a problem with your internet connection, all the Roku sees is that it's not able to connect to Netflix's servers. This could very well be on their end. And I suspect it is. Like I said, I've experienced the same... but ONLY on Netflix. I stream other services through the Roku without incident.

Unfortunately, if that's the case, there is nothing you can do about it (unless it gets so bad you decide to cancel Netflix). But by upgrading your router and testing your bandwidth speed, that will maximize your capacity, and that is doing everything within your power.

Hope it turns out well for you,


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