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Do you know the cause of repeated loading interruptions while viewing Netflix on TV? I sense that there are a lot of Netflix viewers on certain evenings and I wonder if that's the cause. But I sometimes wonder if its the streaming device itself (Roku 2) or the server (Time Warner). On some nights its impossible to watch anything on netflix, there are so many interruptions. You'd think technology would improve with time, not worsen. Any wisdom on this? Thanks.

The root cause of loading failures for streaming services is technically all the same... Packet loss. That is, bits of data are not moving as they are supposed to from one place to another. However, you're right that this packet loss can originate just about anywhere. It may be on Netflix, but more often it's either your ISP (Time Warner), or most likely your own equipment. Whenever this happens to me, my first resort is to simply reboot my Roku and this almost always takes care of it. If it persists, I will then power cycle my router and/or modem. You can tell if the modem is receiving data based on the flickering lights on the front. If you've rebooted all these devices, it should resolve the problem. If it doesn't, then it's probably out of your control (TW or Netflix in origin).

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