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Internet Television / Video Streaming/laptop to TV to 100 watt Amp. hook up, HOW?


Hi! Could you Please help me. I have my Dell e6500 laptop hookup to my 55" Sony TV. I'm using a HDMI cable. This works good for online Movies. I would like to take the suond thought my fisher AC-880 Amplifier. This would make the sound Grate. I don't have the manual for the Amp. I have forgotten how to hook thing like this up. The Amp. has 4 settings : Phonograph, Tuner, AUX, and Tape monitor. Could you please tell me the best way to hook up to play the Movie sound tracks. Thanks, sincerely John.

Hi John

Most laptops do not have a digital optical output for audio, so I am going to assume this one does not either. That's mostly high-end dedicated audio equipment. Given that, you're pretty limited and I'd say your only option would be to run a standard 1/8" headphone cable from the laptop to the AUX audio input on the amp.

Hope that helps!


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