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Tedd Hi,  Im trying to figure out the beast and least expensive way to get television,  WIFI,  Internet and phone.  There are ways to get free TV,  Internet etc.  As you know there are many devices and packages, its so confusing.  Can you help me how I can get the biggest bang for the dollar. Thank you Ken

Hi Kenny

That's a little outside of my subject matter expertise. I am better equipped to answer questions purely based on content, not financial considerations. But I can tell you my setup and let you know that it's most definitely cheaper than cable. Your specific costs would of course vary depending on your area, ISP fees and which services you choose.

My setup:
HD over the air antenna - This give me my local channels, totally free after purchasing the equipment.
Broadband internet - I get this from the cable company. I have a 50 MBps package, which is more than sufficient, and that runs $52 per month.
Netflix - My primary source for movies and many TV shows. $8/month
Hulu - Secondary source, mostly for TV, occasionally movies. $8/month
Amazon - Another source for TV, documentaries, short films. $99/year, but I subscribe to this more for the other benefits that come with it (Amazon Prime). If it was just for Amazon's streaming offering, it wouldn't be worth the money.
iTunes - Any shows I can't get through other sources, I will purchase through iTunes and watch via Apple TV. Prices vary, based on individual shows.

That's it. Hope that helps.


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I can answer questions on most types of legal video streaming options, such as Netflix, Roku, Internet-enabled TVs, Hulu, etc. Out of respect for copyright holders, I will not answer questions regarding BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer sharing, where content creators are deprived of their due royalties. I can only answer questions from the viewpoint of a consumer of video services. I have been getting a lot of questions from the standpoint of someone wishing to create content. THIS IS OUTSIDE MY EXPERTISE. My expertise is also limited to knowledge of streaming services and the content available on them, how to subscribe to them, etc. I CANNOT assist with hardware configuration questions.


I have been a cord cutter for over 5 years. My current setup includes a Roku HD box, a PC attached to my computer and surround sound system, and subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu Plus. I dropped Cox Communications as my cable TV provider and am saving over $100 a month.

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