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Have a roku player and am trying to watch the sopranos but after each episode i have to start all over and go to series and look up next episode. Netflix just shows their series continuous. Am I missing something on HBO now? or how to use it....Thanks

Hi Bill

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been on vacation and forgot to set my away settings on the All Experts site.

I have not used HBO Now, but I regularly use HBO Go, and I would assume they share some technology. I have indeed experienced the same thing with HBO Go, and I think it's just a limitation of the software. I haven't found a way to overcome this. Annoying, I agree.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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I can answer questions on most types of legal video streaming options, such as Netflix, Roku, Internet-enabled TVs, Hulu, etc. Out of respect for copyright holders, I will not answer questions regarding BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer sharing, where content creators are deprived of their due royalties. I can only answer questions from the viewpoint of a consumer of video services. I have been getting a lot of questions from the standpoint of someone wishing to create content. THIS IS OUTSIDE MY EXPERTISE. My expertise is also limited to knowledge of streaming services and the content available on them, how to subscribe to them, etc. I CANNOT assist with hardware configuration questions.


I have been a cord cutter for over 5 years. My current setup includes a Roku HD box, a PC attached to my computer and surround sound system, and subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu Plus. I dropped Cox Communications as my cable TV provider and am saving over $100 a month.

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