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I currently pay over $200 per moth with extended cable but No pay channels like sports packages or HBO, etc. 3 televisions. 2 with converter boxes and only one HD DVR. I need to dramitically reduce my monthly cost while maintaining the capacity to watch my favorite shows when I want regardless of their original airtime. What streaming equipment and programs do you recommend? Least expensive AND Best bang for your buck

Hi Lisa

Here is my setup, and it works well for me.

Apple TV
My TV also has internet connectivity and apps, but I don't use these, because the user interfaces are mostly horrible.

Netflix - $9.99 per month; movies, TV shows, original series
Hulu Plus - $7.99 per month; mostly TV shows, and mostly current season
Amazon Prime - $99 per year; movies, original series
iTunes - Price varies; purchase individual movies and TV series

I have also been researching Chromecast, which allows you to stream anything from a phone to your TV, but I haven't pulled the trigger on this one yet.

The biggest gap I've experienced is news and live sports. I'm not a sports person, so that doesn't matter to me. I have read that this is getting better though. News is still an issue, but CNN does have a 24-hour live stream, as long as you have a friend who's willing to share their password. It's only available to those who subscribe to CNN on cable, which makes no sense to me.

That is my setup. I hope that helps.


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I can answer questions on most types of legal video streaming options, such as Netflix, Roku, Internet-enabled TVs, Hulu, etc. Out of respect for copyright holders, I will not answer questions regarding BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer sharing, where content creators are deprived of their due royalties. I can only answer questions from the viewpoint of a consumer of video services. I have been getting a lot of questions from the standpoint of someone wishing to create content. THIS IS OUTSIDE MY EXPERTISE. My expertise is also limited to knowledge of streaming services and the content available on them, how to subscribe to them, etc. I CANNOT assist with hardware configuration questions.


I have been a cord cutter for over 5 years. My current setup includes a Roku HD box, a PC attached to my computer and surround sound system, and subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu Plus. I dropped Cox Communications as my cable TV provider and am saving over $100 a month.

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