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Interracial Relationships/my white girlfriend likes black guys


doc j wrote at 2008-06-25 10:52:40
Well your girlfriend is an ugly jewish retard and whites are the strongest men on the planet. Whites are the best athletes. They own ufc/mma and now boxing. They own world basketball. Whites own strongman competitions.

And Which race has the biggest penises? Well we can just use Bergmann“s rule to resolve this.

BERGMANN'S RULE- states that within a species, the body mass increases with latitude and colder climate.

So the white race which has bigger brains, muscles and penises.

Whites are superior, nuff said.

Willow wrote at 2008-09-26 01:43:22
It seems as ifyour girlfriend sees black men mroe as sex objects, not people. She lumps them into sterotypes and loves their skin color, not their personality. I have to say that any guy who purposefully moves into a girl like that probably isnt that great of a person, and her standing there taking it could mean that she enjoyed. While all this may be true, trust that she lvoes you for you...and hope that she realizes that her attraction to them may be unhealthy (on her own). But you need a woman who will be attracted to you (and other guys) not because of their race but their character. Honestly though, if it seems as if she abadoning you for them, she may not be thr igth one.

Eddie1973 wrote at 2009-05-18 16:27:34
Well it really depends on wether or not she finds you attractive and confident ext...does she see all these things in you? it would make me feel a little uneasy if my girlfriend said something like that to me,did she conceder how you would feel when she said that? I had a little experience in a gym a few days ago when I caught my girl friend checking out some black guy,she tryed to tell me "no I was just looking at his shoes and I thought his toes where sticking out" It was almost laughable that she thought I would buy that,but now I ask a question why is she lying to me about it? does she think I'm going to fly off the handle because she checked out a black guy? because I really don't care if she did,but it does bother me that she won't admit it. some times I feel like she hides things from me and I wonder what she is hiding deep down thing I can say is that if you are confident and strong in your character you should not have anything to worrie about, but do try to equate youirself with what is going on in her mind and wether or not she has built up some kind of silly fanasy about black guys,because if she has then I might worrie. till then just keep your eyes open, and good luck to you.

lipton wrote at 2009-06-17 05:55:00
She's may ask you for a 3-some with a black man if she hasn't already picked out a big black man to call up when you two have a fight. I say play into her fetish and keep her. If not, then she might leave you soon for a bbc... but what do i know.

BBC wrote at 2010-06-22 04:30:08
LMFAO-Melissa is nuts!!! If your girl friend lets guys feel her up on the bus..especially cute ones it might be time to find another girl friend..i mean she could have moved or told the person not to bump into her..right? dude wake up..or let me stand behind her next since she likes black dudes so much..

Carroway wrote at 2014-10-14 02:51:36
As to what you have written here. Well if she likes black men and their culture the best. Why then I honestly am failing to understand why she is with you a white guy. I mean it really just does not make any sense. And quite frankly that just as in the incidence on the bus. (sorry man. but obviously she enjoyed it.) That I am positive that given the slightest chance she will cheat on you with a black man. While in any case I foresee nothing but a boatload of trouble and ripped out and then stomped on heart ahead for you.

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