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Do black women hate interracial couples because non black men dont want us? why do white women seem to like black men more than white men seem to like black women? when it comes to interracial dating..i feel like we are in school playing a game and everyone is getting picked to play and black women are the goofy geeks that nobody wants on their team so we go sit on the bench and watch everyone else play.

I think I've already answered this question in part previously but here is my direct answer to this question:

Black women do not hate interracial couples. Black women as a societal group are not familiar with interracial dating, are told by black men (who openly embrace interracial dating) not to engage in interracial dating or it is "betrayal," and they should "wait," while they do as they wish, and further black women are told not to engage in interracial dating by society at large. Most black women I have met in my life shun interracial dating, while their male counterparts laughingly date whomever they wish to such an extent that you see black men with white women on virtually every TV program, in ever ad, in every commercial. It has become a fact of contemporary life that black men have no issues with themselves dating interracially. So they enjoy that. Black women are told by society not to do so and they for the most part that is the case.

When people date whomever they wish based on sincere attractiveness, spiritual communion and compatibility intellectually and societally, you have less racism and clearer communication. This is bizarre to many people because they fear that which they don't understand.

You are correct in your feelings that it is a game. It is very much so a game. I can't tell you how many black women I met over the years who stated clearly they "could not" date me because of family pressure of the "looks they would get from the brothas." Meanwhile, the same family members and "brothas" would date whomever they liked with abandon. It is a game with no winner.

Why not be free and date whomever you like and judge not others lest ye be judged yourself. Accept people for who they tell you and show you they are. If you think a caucasian man is attractive, seems kind and intelligent and compatible with you, ask him out or at least try to be open to the possibility. And the same applies for all others.

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