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hello, well my question is how to introduce gf to family. i already know my family will hate her. im mexican and shes white. my mom wants me to stick to race. ive met her family and they really like me, they treat me like family cus im always at there house. but my gf also has a kid from a past relationship (the father is gone). i really like her and her son and care about them both, but my family will be pissed and flip out if they found out shes white and has a kid.

It's hard to deal with difficult family especially the ones who want to stick to a traditional courtship of someone of the same race, but in the end it's your life and if your family can't accept that it's their problem not yours. If this is someone you want to be with your family should respect that and stop making race an issue here. The bottom line is that you are happy and that's all that matters.

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I can answer just about everything about interracial dating and what you will expect to deal with if you are in one. I won't answer questions about the psychological elements because I don't have a background in psychology to answer that.


I have been in two long term relationships with individuals who were biracial and I have experience in friends who have dated and are married to people who are of a different race.

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