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I am a 23 african american dating and old er arabic man  I really  care about him . We have been dating for 7 months now he has never told me he loves me.i have met all his kids but the oldest I have asked him many times to meet her but it doesnt happen .he sometimes says hurtful things but acts like its okay  I dont know if I should stay or leave


You did not say how much older this man is from you, but as I've said in the past, I'm not sure so much that this question has to do with interracial issues or cultural matters as age differences and levels of maturity and expectations.

Based on what you are telling me in your brief question it appears that the relationship is more physical than spiritual. No one who loves you would say hurtful things and then act like it's okay. Or not want to meet all important people in your life. Or not say he loves you (unless he does not).

Only you can make decisions that pertain to your life, but if this man is dismissive, is verbally abusive (which is what you describe) and will not tell you that he loves you after seven months than he probably does not feel love. And he's not introducing you to his eldest child because he simply does not want to do so. So he is, based on what you describe, verbally abusive, dismissive, and at least somewhat older. If I approached you as a stranger and told you that I had a potential partner for you, who you would find attractive but would be verbally abusive, dismissive of your feelings, refuse to introduce you to all important family members, and older, would you be in a hurry to date this person or would you pass on it?

If you are not sure if someone loves you, does things to contradict a loving relationship, and refuses to open up completely after 7 months, why be with this person?  

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