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Okay a little background on me and my ex...we dated in high school..we were only lasted about 3 months...he broke up with me cause I was too clingy. Fast forward 6 years later. We are 20. And we've been best friends since we were 13. And the water pipe in his apartment busted so I allowed him to stay with me. And he is bipolar. I'm kind of bipolar and I have depression. But I am black and he is white. His mom is not my biggest fan because she thinks all I want is his money(which he doesnt have any lol)And some of my family members dont really like the fact that he is white. And he has really let me opened up to him, and he's opened up to me. He told me he's bi(yes I know what you're thinking, he said he had anal and gave a BJob) And he's been flirting with me alot, he keeps talking about us and how we're gonna have a future together. He said he would never leave me. Then he'll be like Dude check this out! lol. And then he'll come over and sit on my lap. And last night we were watching a movie together on his laptop and he had his eyes shut and I asked him what was wrong...well he told me he was really horny, so he sat on the other couch and went to sleep and then later he woke up and we were talking about he was like I'm thinking about posting an ad on Craigslist(ew I know) Then he was like I want a sexy hot babe tonight, and he is ALWAYS staring at me, and he touches my arm and stuff and he puts his arm around me. We're always having close moments. I mean we stayed up until 6 am together! And I would put my arm around his chair and stuff when he was at the computer. And we argue about the dumbest things(yes everyone says we act like a married couple) One minute I'm so mad at him ready to rip his head off lol, the next minute we're just talking about laughing and I'm in love. And he be like, you think I'm hot and sexy don't you? And sometimes he raises his voice at me :( It scares me. And I told him. But he said he's sorry. I can't stop thinking about him. We have the weirdest conversations. Like the other day we were talking about my period(yeah I know..weird) My sister caught him making goo goo eyes at me(and he got all nervous and his voice kinda got high and he was like ohh we're just friends) sister jokingly asked him if he and I were gonna make out he said of yeah we're gonna make out on the couch. He gets all flustered when someone catches him looking at me. We were out in public and someone asked us if we were married. he said we might as well be. he didn't deny anything. One time I was walking to get something and he was like Ashley turn around and walk slow(I guess he was checkin me out?) My sister looked at him like what then he was like I'm just messin with ya. And he always be like you look nice or that color looks great on you, you have cute legs(yeah he said that once lol) He even told me he moved back to town cause he missed me...but now that he lives waaay on the other side of town I can't see him help PLEASE? I don't wanna move on..I think we have something going on...

I don't know if this is a question about interracial relationships so much as it is about acting on feelings and coping with bipolar disorder.

Do you want to date someone you feel strongly attracted to but also raises his voice to and scares you and jokes about your period? If this person is so "hot" that you don't care about the debasing jokes and temper illustrations than you have a full relationship with him. If the jokes about periods and anger issues are of concern, than I'd move on.

Ultimately, in my view, if both parties are on equal terms and equal types of communication, relationships are wonderful and can be very fulfilling. However, when you have anger control issues as part of the relationship, and both parties have bipolar disorder, unless both parties are actively and vigorously seeking full treatment and proper medication for that disorder, it sounds like it could result in potential abuse.

It's a complex scenario when you add anger control issues and bipolar disorder to what could already be a challenging relationship; so personally, based on what you told me, I'd make sure whoever has bipolar disorder is actively engaged in a treatment program for that before considering relationships.  

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