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My boyfriend of 3 months is Jewish and I am an African American Christian woman. Both of our parents are supportive of interrcial dating, but not so much interfaith. We are both young, accepting, and not very religious ourselves. With that being said, our relationship is wonderful right now! His parents seem accepting and are excited to meet me, but I know they want him to marry a Jewish woman, as well as my parents want me to marry a Christian man. Parents aside, our relationship seems like it will work, but as we grow older, I hear that people question religion and it may be a factor down the line. Also, with having children, it will be a hassle deciding what faith to teach them.

How do people deal with interfaith relationships and can they be successful?


Thanks for the question. Let's take a look at it:

Your parents are supportive. This is huge. Most interracial and interfaith couples do not have supportive parents, so the fact that you have this in your favor is huge.

Other people are casting doubt and not sure. This is very common.

People are afraid over that which is new to them, testing social boundaries. This is not necessarily wrong as this came about as a result of mankind's tribal origins where it was important for people to preserve their tribe cultures and languages. This is why you still have people worried and upset over interracial dating.

Genetically, there is very little difference if any between people at all; in fact it's so little that most geneticists will tell you that it is practically indistinguishable. Cultural differences are also very minor. Most religions are very similar, they support non-violence, they encourage love and understanding and compassion and fairness. It's the people and their tribes that see differences. In Biblical times it was necessary to travel in tribes or packs to be safe from marauders. This is no longer the case. In Biblical times, it was necessary to preserve ethnic purity so a race or group of people could not be completely killed off by another army. Those days are long gone. Jews are spread across the globe, as are people of every other ethnic descent. So worries about preserving one group's religion or ethnic purity are not founded in necessity in my humble opinion.

The question is how important to you is approval from the tribe? If it is critical to you, then you must do what they direct you to do for their conditional approval. But, you're very fortunate that your parents are supportive, where so many are not, as they represent the tribal collective. So you need to find out if love between the two of you, the affection you may feel and attraction combined with overlapping interests in life are stronger than the voices telling you it's not right because you look different than each other or may come from different backgrounds. Couples whose love is stronger than the tribal voices survive and have families, those without it break up. You need to find out how strong your bonds and love are.

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